Pikilily is fortunate to be supported by a mighty band of individuals, each of whom are talented, inspirinmisdsion.g and remarkable in their own way.  Together, these women help to steer our progress and shape our future.


In terms of structure, we are currently registered in Tanzania only as a Community Based Organisation, which is the equivalent of an NGO operating on a local basis only and allowed to trade on a not-for-profit basis. For us, this model fits well as we seek to establish MJ Piki as a self-sustaining agent of change, empowering and safeguarding the futures of local motorcycle dependent communities while also generating a fair wage for the women who work to deliver this mission.

Linda Ashmore

IAMRoadSmart National Observer and Masters Mentor, Ironman age group World Champion 2017, London Marathon age group winner 2018, oldest woman to swim the English Channel 2018, retired Assistant Head and maths teacher. Active grandmother of eight grandchildren including triplets!


Beth Brooke

Manager at Jurassic Coast Teaching Schools Alliance and previously Deputy Head. Keen runner and poet. 

Claire Elsdon

Motorcycle safety and women's empowerment evangelist, Claire's passions emerged on her solo London to Capetown motorcycle ride and developed into a fully-fledged obsession shortly afterwards.  This led to her moving to Mwanza, Tanzania and establishing Pikilily's first workshop with the help of committed social entrepreneur Khalid Maagi in 2016. Claire lives in Tanzania and also works as a motorcycle safety consultant and speaker.  Prior to this, she was a City stockbroker in London for 8 years.

Jan McKie

Finance and Business Manager at The Thomas Hardye Multi-Academy Trust in Dorchester.  A Christian and a Trustee at Weymouth Baptist Church.  Passionate about my friends and family as well as encouraging the wider community. 


Sheonagh Ravensdale

Women’s empowerment activist, ex-President of Women's International Motorcycle Association.  Worldwide motorcycle adventurer covering 46 countries, 48 years and approximately 500,000 miles. Ran an international event management company in London. Walker, e-bicycle rider and trainee runner!