Bringing Motorcycling into the Heart of Communities

Motorcycles have been used as taxis since 2010 in Tanzania and are a convenient way to get from A to B, however the lack of road safety and motorcycle maintenance training is causing a massive healthcare and social crisis. In any given year, informal motorbike taxis are estimated to have an almost 70% risk of a crash* and many hospitals have dedicated ‘motorcycle crash’ wards.

That doesn't need to happen. 

Our solution takes the form of our Hub; a fully functioning motorcycle workshop aiming to embed a culture of prevention and sustainability in the community, by offering high quality repair and maintenance services. We have also developed a tried and tested curriculum that covers all the basics of motorcycle maintenance and road safety for riders and passengers alike. Maintenance classes empower riders to understand how to take care of their bikes so that they can stay safe and ensure best value for money from their parts, safeguarding both their livelihoods and their journeys.  Similarly, road safety classes train riders in the techniques and kit they need to utilise on every journey in order to avoid crashes.  We also train passenger groups including children and women to understand how to pick a roadworthy bike and rider as well as how to advocate for their own safety during the journey.  By empowering both service provider as well as user, we ensure an expectation and delivery of high standards.

We have already run workshops for thousands of people in Tanzania, Mali and the DRC and our training services are employed by corporates, NGOs and also the government. For further details on how we can work with your organisation, click here

 If you'd like to hear the (20 minute) story of why and how we do what we do, click here to watch Claire's PINC conference talk, 2017.