Training for Riders

Whether you have never ridden a motorcycle and are a complete beginner, or are a rider looking to brush up on skills and gain a license, we offer comprehensive training courses covering every aspect of handling a motorcycle on the road.


Learning to Ride

If you or your team need to learn to ride but have never done so before, or perhaps you've had a go on a bike but would appreciate some formal training, Pikilily can help!  We provide one on one or small group training, teaching the very basics of how to ride on one of our motorcycles in a safe and supervised environment away from traffic, with safety gear provided.  We have experience in teaching women as well as men and can attest that, with the right training, both can become safe and confident riders!


Road Safety

So many riders that we see on the road lack a clear understanding of the important principles of road safety, often with devastating results.  Our dedicated course will offer you a thorough insight into how to stay safe on the road, minimising the chances of an accident and safeguarding you and your machine. We also adapt our program to the particular driving conditions in your location.

We offer in-classroom theory lessons on riding motorcycles, studying real-life scenarios riders may encounter while driving and offering a skills-based approach to staying safe on the road. The course is engaging, uses assorted audiovisual materials and can be tailored according to requirements.  We also recommend where possible that riders also participate in a supervised ride-out with our instructors so that our advice can also be tailored to their own development needs.


Motorcycle Maintenance

This session will provide a training programme for riders in technical knowledge of all maintenance tasks to be completed on daily, weekly and monthly basis.  By the end of the programme, riders will be able to ensure the long term lifespan of their motorcycles by eliminating unnecessary wear and tear and also ensure that minimal downtime is lost through avoidable breakdowns and accidents.  The course is highly practical in nature, with each learning point backed up with hands on application.

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