Pikilily's first move was to set up a community motorcycle workshop in Mwanza, Tanzania with the aim of achieving several things:

  • provide a clean and orderly place where any motorcycle can be brought for much needed reliable, safe, high quality maintenance or repair that anyone can afford. 
  • provide a place where women can be trained as apprentices in basic motorcycle maintenance, then earn an income selling those skills in our workshop.  Over time, they will build on those skills and knowledge, eventually becoming fully fledged motorcycle mechanics
  • provide a base for all kinds of community training sessions covering a variety of topics including road safety and the importance of helmets
  • provide a base for Mwanza's first motorcycle riding school with a special focus on female learners

Thanks to the very generous supporters of our crowdfunding campaign in September/October 2016, we have been able to fund the complete rebuild project with enough money to also cover tools and two motorcycles for the women to learn on.

Our aim is to start interviewing for the apprentices in February and start with the apprenticeships as soon as possible.  We are very excited that, if we can raise the funds for the Sengerema motorcycle ambulance project, our workshop can then act as a base for the refurbishment of the bikes but also as a training ground for the riders.  There, they will learn all the essential skills they will need to ride well with patient safety always at the forefront of their minds, as well as to keep the bikes well maintained and tackle any problem they may encounter when out in the field.