Claire Elsdon - CEO and Founder

Claire moved to Mwanza, Tanzania in April 2016 with a vision of setting up Pikilily, in the form of Africa's First Women's Motorcycle Maintenance Workshop!  This vision evolved from her solo London to Capetown motorcycle ride in 2012/13, during which she observed both how much motorcycles could help communities as well as the real need for motorcycle maintenance skills in order to keep vital projects running. 

Subsequently, Claire has shared her maintenance skills with other groups including motorcycling Microloan officers in Malawi and midwives in Songea, Southern Tanzania and seen the real difference this can make, not only to the running costs of fleets, but in turn also the longevity and success of vital community projects.  In a previous life, Claire spent 8 years as a City stockbroker and in her spare time, is a chutney-making enthusiast and keen baker.   

After nearly a year of searching, she has finally found the right motorcycle for herself in Mwanza, namely a 300cc Kawasaki KLX, whose modifications will never end. 


Khalid Maagi - Director

Khalid is Mwanza's finest carpenter and has been running his community workshop near the lakeshore for over 10 years.  Since he arrived here, he has taken on around 50 boys as apprentices, training up each of them for free in his workshop over the course of 2 years to become fully fledged carpenters, providing an invaluable skill and income to these boys, many of whom have come from challenging backgrounds or a life on the streets.

Khalid has already made an amazing contribution to our project, supervising and running all the refurbishment and project management of our workshop rebuild project.  We are fortunate to have his continuing close support, not least because Pikilily shares a wall with his own workshop!  

In his spare time, Khalid is also a regular Muay Thai fighter and keen biker.  His motorcycle is a Yamaha TTR, which bears the most distinctive engine note in the whole of Mwanza. 



We are excited to have started to gather a dynamic and enthusiastic group of individuals all across the globe, who are keen to spread the word about Pikilily and raise funds in any way they can.  Some come up with and lead fundraising initiatives while others talk about our work at all kinds of events, spreading the word and rattling tins as they go.  We are always looking for more volunteers to join us in this, so if you are keen to also get involved, please let us know at claire@pikilily.com