A delicious breakfast recipe!

One of the first challenges that presented itself when I arrived here in Mwanza was what to eat for breakfast.  Daft though this may sound, before I got to my house, I was staying in a guesthouse for a week or so.  Each morning, I would be presented with several grease laden rice dumplings alongside an anaemic omelette on my plate and suffice to say, this offering didn’t spark my zest for life.  Much as it felt a little churlish to turn my nose up at the greaseballs in a country where certain pockets of the population struggle to find enough food to eat on a daily basis, I just didn’t want to start the day with a lump of lard in my tummy.  And so, fortunately, once I’d moved into my house and worked out where the food shops and markets were, I realised that most of the ingredients were here to make a truly delicious recipe that had once been shown to me.

My fantastic yoga and mindfulness teacher in the UK, Michael Townsend-Williams, posted up this recipe for Ayurvedic porridge several years ago and with a little bit of adapting, its now provided me with a delicious breakfast that I can adapt to whatever seasonal fruit is available to me.  Instead of dried fruits, I’m using fresh pineapple, and instead of mixed nuts, I’m just chopping up some cashews as neither dried fruits nor a variety of nuts or seeds are available in this country (oh, what I’d do for a walnut!).  Regardless, the recipe is delicious, especially on those days when I can find plump little passionfruits to tip in too.   Bon appetit!