The Do Lectures - the talk that spawned Pikilily


Last June, I had the extraordinary good fortune to spend a long weekend in sunny Wales at The Do Lectures. If you haven't heard of The Do Lectures, essentially its something a bit like a Ted Talks for the Do-ers of the world (you know, the folks who actually do things rather than just talking about it!). The interesting difference though is also that rather than gathering everybody together in a conference centre, the Do Lectures takes place at the founders' beautiful farm in lovely Cardigan, with everyone camping in beautiful yurt style accommodation.

For me, it turned out to an incredible experience and turning point. I came to the event as an attendee and long story short, ended up being asked to speak with less than 24 hours notice, after a speaker slot came free at the last moment and the story of my motorcycling escapades spread.  The offer to speak was quite a scary one, not least as the talks are recorded and tend to get tens of thousands of views each, but the chance to share my story so far and throw out this crazy little idea I had bubbling away in my head to the gathered audience of do-ers and dreamers was too good to miss.

The reaction to my talk and my appeal for opinions, guidance and ideas was far greater than I'd ever expected and brought some brilliant people into my life who have helped not only to shape and craft what is now evolving as Pikilily, but also who have given me the courage and optimism to make it happen.

So, though I feel uncomfortably exposed for sharing it (its a very strange feeling!), if you'd like to watch it, here it is, in all its 20 minute long glory. Enjoy.