Soul Food.

It is without doubt a massive privilege to be starting out on this road of doing something I love and helping people at the same time.  Every day is different and every day I'm learning something new.  3 days a week, I'm at College, studying a year long City & Guilds course in Motorcycle Maintenance & Repair, reinforcing my knowledge and rubber-stamping my expertise. That sounds a little tedious perhaps but in reality, its so much fun!  This course has truly reinvigorated my inner geek - whether its during mini eureka moments of understanding at my desk in theory lessons or in overalls and steel toe boots during practicals, taking apart engines and hydraulic brakes, I'm loving the chance to nourish my interest and work out what bits might be of most practical help back in Tanzania.  

Suffice to say though, there are moments when its all a bit, well, tricky.  The electrics module of the course, for example, is frankly mind-bending.  Yes, I know, "think of it like water in a pipe", but my brain just doesn't seem to be wired (excuse the pun) to find this stuff naturally logical, so frankly its about as much fun as that time on the trip when I was riding through deep, sandy, dried out riverbeds in Southern Ethiopia in 40 degree heat with prowling bandits.  

Its also sometimes a little tough to know the best way of tackling various aspects of this project that I've not really had to become an expert on before, whether its website design, how best to set Pikilily up as a charity or thinking about fundraising.  Not impossible, for sure, but at times its a little daunting thinking about all the things that need to be tackled. 

Now, I'm thinking that its not just me who has these moments of feeling overwhelmed by the unfamiliar or tricky task at hand, whatever that task may be, so I thought I'd share one of my favourite places I turn to for inspiration and advice:  The Do Lectures talks.  If you don't know what this is, it kind of defies definition, but essentially The Do Lectures is a gathering that started out a few years ago in Wales, for the Do-ers of the world to come together and share their stories for usually about 20 mins. A bit like the Ted Talks, but perhaps a little more about the Do-ing than the Talk-ing.  There must be hundreds of talks on here now as the event has grown into additional new places such as Australia, USA and Costa Rica, but each one contains a few precious pearls of inspiration and wisdom.  Here are a few of my favourites:

Tina Roth Eisenberg - Creative Mornings Founder, Teux Deux app designer, creator of Tattly.

Maggie Doyne - gap year student turned founder of a childrens home, school, health clinic and womens centre in the Himalayas. Just won the CNN Hero of the Year award.  

Tamsin Carvan - ad exec turned self-sustaining farmer and founder of Tamsin's Table, inviting strangers to her home to share a meal prepared from the bounty of her produce.  All this from someone who had no prior experience - at all - in farming! 

And in the interest of balance (and to prove that men also speak to Do), I'd highly recommend the talk of Do Lectures Founder David Hieatt on his journey to founding Hiut Denim and his mission to get a little town in Wales making jeans again.