Pikilily. Whats in a name?

Many people have asked "why have you called this project Pikilily?"  And (my favourite), don't you know you spell it "Piccalilli"? 

Well, yes.  I do.  But this project isn't really about chutney, much as I love the stuff.  As friends in Egypt would say, "its same-same, but different".  Let me explain:   In Swahili, a lingua franca of Tanzania (as well as other countries including Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, Mozambique and the DRC), a "pikipiki" is a motorcycle, hence the "Piki" part of the name. 

The "lily" part comes as this flower traditionally symbolises motherhood and partnership, which is a pretty good representation of the women-run businesses supporting the riders, helping to keep the whole community safe.

So yes, it is the same word, but my version a lot more about chain lubricant and elbow grease and a lot less about pickled vegetables, mustard and vinegar.  Hope that clears that one up!