I'm off to Tanzania - and you're coming too!

At the moment, life is rich and varied as ever, so when I'm not attempting to bleed brakes, dismantle clutches and blow myself up with electrical mishaps at Merton College workshop (more of which later), I'm usually squirreled away in a dark corner of GoogleCampus in London or meeting up with helpful folk, working away on all kinds of projects to get Pikilily moving along.  Right now, the focus is on working with someone to get a Pikilily specific logo and website up and running, so hopefully by the time I get the next email out, I'll have a bright new shiny site to show you!  I'm also starting out on the process of getting Pikilily set up as a charity, which feels like another important step, especially when it comes to fundraising and helping people feel comfortable about the structure.

HOWEVER, admin aside, the most exciting thing I'm working on at the moment is my upcoming recce trip to Tanzania.  That's right - 3 weeks today, I will have landed in Songea, Southern Tanzania, to link up with some of the fine folk I worked with previously when I was down there in May time training midwives on motorbikes.   These guys are local and will be pivotal in helping me find the answers I need to some key questions before I launch my first pilot project, not least:  where am I actually going to hold the workshops?  Who are the women who will run the businesses?  What do the local bodaboda riders as well as village chiefs think of the idea?  I'll have 10 days to work out the answers to these questions, as well as hopefully also visiting the local hospital to meet some of the poor folk who've suffered the consequences of these motorcycling issues and hear their stories.  I'm taking a week off college and putting a dent in my savings to be able to make this trip, so be sure I'm going to be getting the fullest mileage out of the visit!

So, how am I going to share this trip with you?  Of course, I'd love to take you with me, but given luggage allowances and a particularly tightly packed Cessna for the final leg of the journey, I'm going to have to improvise.  So I'll be taking a camera with me and I'm aiming to create a video-diary for you, so that you can stay in touch with how its going on a daily basis (internet permitting!).  There will also be plenty of photos and blog content too, so you'll hopefully have a really good picture as to what Songea is like and how I'm getting on.  Should be fun!