A bit of fun - short film with Old Empire Motorcycles at the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride.


Back in September, I was invited by the fine folk at custom motorcycle designers Old Empire Motorcycles to join their team for the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride.  If you don't already know it, this is a fantastic event that takes place in over 400 cities across the world on one weekend in September.  Globally, over 35,000 riders dressed in their most dapper attire take to the streets on their classic motorcycles with the aim of raising awareness that motorcyclists are civilised, groovy folk and not all in fact murderous Hells Angels types after all (I second that thought) as well as to raise millions of dollars for Prostate Cancer charities.  What a splendid idea, eh?

"But - ahem - you're surely not a Gentleman, are you Claire, so how are you allowed to get involved?", I hear you ask!  Quite right, I am a lady but despite the name, the fine folk at the event do actually embrace gentleladies as much as gentlemen, as it happens, so there was no need for me to undertake a hasty gender-realignment op in order to take part (deep joy).    

The day was an enormous amount of fun with my fellow team mates, including he of 2.4 million Twitter followers, Jack Harries, and comedy legend, Rufus Hound, who by the way, if you ever meet him, you should ask to recall the incident of how a bag of Monster Munch once saved his life in a very dicey runaway micro-scooter incident.  I hadn't laughed that hard in ages.

Anyway, here is the 3min film of us all rolling with the day's antics, produced by the clever chaps at Old Empire. Particularly impressive given the cameraman largely filmed the thing while riding pillion on the back of my motorcycle - his first time ever on a motorbike - a man with a good eye and a steady hand!  Fun times.