Since building our workshop in Mwanza, word of our work has spread across the waters of Lake Victoria.  Lately, we have been approached by the District Medical Officer of Sengerema - our neighbouring district - to refurbish and run the 4 dilapidated eRanger motorcycle ambulances that they own.  We are extremely keen to start with this life-saving project as soon as possible, but first we need to raise the funds to start a pilot project with just one motorcycle ambulance.

If we can raise the £3,500 we need to refurb one bike and run it for a 2 month period, we believe we could carry out nearly 120 life-saving trips in this period and gain an invaluable insight into the practicalities of running this service in the community. This would make a huge impact on the 700,000 person strong, rural community of Sengerema, which currently is only served by 1 traditional ambulance, subject to availability of a driver, fuel and the vehicle itself.

If we can raise these funds, progress would look like this:


  • bring the eRanger back to our workshop in Mwanza to refurbish it completely, fitting them out with all new, genuine spare parts
  • identify 2.5 riders (one day, one night and someone in reserve) for each motorcycle and train them in riding this motorcycle and sidecar unit, offroad skills, patient care, first aid, management systems, maintenance and so on
  • set up a basic shelter in Sengerema town to not only house the eRanger and shelter them from the elements but also to carry out basic daily maintenance
  • ensure that the infrastructure is set up to handle all logistics of an emergency first response call out

next 2 months

  • run the motorcycle for call outs to designated villages in the District (Sengerema district covers over 3000 square kilometres of land so we cannot cover the whole District with just 1 motorcycles), making around 3000 trips
  • monitor & evaluate our work as we go, collecting data on our patients, impact and costs
  • constantly refining our progress, ensuring best delivery of service and value for money for our donors


  • present out findings both on the impact and investment side with District, Regional and Central level bodies for discussion about next steps and possible roll out.