Many businesses and organisations in Tanzania are reliant on motorcycles to conduct their daily business. The efficient, safe running of these machines and the safety of their riders is a crucial part of service delivery.

At Pikilily, we believe that regular maintenance and high quality repairs should be a the heart of any fleet management program. We also recognise that motorcycles are a large investment for any firm, and offer a number of competitive solutions for businesses of all sizes to meet these standards, sustain their fleet and optimise safety and motorcycle lifespan.


Contracts can include:

Creation of an individual bike record to assess bike wear and tear on a monthly basis

Monthly service - checking brake pads, lights, tyres

Oil Changes

Fitting of reflective stickers to enhance visibility

Tune ups


We also offer individual and group rider safety training. Learn more here (link to RT page)


Contact us here to discuss your requirements and we can tailor a solution to meet your organisations’ needs


We are already working with a number of NGO’s and Corporations:

(LOGOS when available!)